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We provide human resources to meet client needs
“The people you need, when you need them - no compromise.” That’s our promise at Honyaku Corporation. Language & Human Resource Dept. where we always have an active portfolio of contract and temporary personnel on call, with skills and experience covering everything from general office duties to expertise in specialist fields.
If an organization client needs work-ready personnel for a new project, or has an urgent requirement for extra staff, Honyaku Corporation. Language & Human Resource Dept. can promptly come up with the right people for the situation. We can even help you upgrade your competitiveness by supplying expert contractors to handle work that requires specialized skills or abilities. Our temporary and contract personnel services cater for manufacturing, HR and sales sector needs. We also provide contract services that integrate all aspects of work, and we can provide personnel for short-term or one-time tasks or irregular work hours. Once a worker is dispatched to the client, we thoroughly follow up on labor management to ensure that the work goes smoothly. We provide human resources to meet client needs
Temporary staff for language-related and general office work
Ever since Japan opened its society to foreigners during the Edo period, the nation has been eager to learn from foreign culture and technology. The many internationally recognized brands that have originated in Japan are proof that this desire to learn from others continues unabated. Honyaku Corporation is able to meet a broad range of client requirements with the quality personnel to facilitate these ever-increasing person-to-person connections.
  • Interpreters (English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Korean, etc.)
  • Translators (technical reports, legal documents, manuals, financial documents, etc., in foreign languages)
  • Secretaries (in Japan and abroad), English-language office work, office work in other languages
  • Dispatch of clerical staff for finance/financial affairs, general affairs, general office work, etc.
Types of interpretation
1. Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation means interpreting a speaker's meaning while he or she is talking.
This process calls for high levels of interpretation technique, experience, and concentration. An individual can only maintain the necessary concentration for simultaneous interpretation for about 15 minutes at a time.
Generally, for ordinary business meetings, seminars, and the like, we recommend a two-person interpretation team. For international conferences, multiple speeches, and other events that run over several hours, a three-person team is required. Simultaneous interpretation also requires specialized equipment and an interpretation booth.
Honyaku Corporation will discuss and analyze your specific interpretation requirements in order to develop a recommendation for appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel.
Simultaneous interpretation requires seamless teamwork by outstanding interpreters in order to provide accurate and easy-to-understand interpretation. Our experienced interpreters prepare for an assignment by familiarizing themselves with the content and context of each event in order to deliver efficient and effective interpretation that fully satisfies the client’s expectations.
Honyaku Corporation' interpretation staff can handle any kind of interpretation situation, including management meetings of global corporations, business partnership dealings with foreign corporations, product releases, symposiums, and seminars.
We provide human resources to meet client needs
2. Consecutive interpretation
In consecutive interpretation, the speaker's content is broken into appropriate segments of meaning which are interpreted immediately after the speaker delivers each segment.
This method is commonly used in, for example, business meetings, internal meetings, internal audits, media interviews, inspections, presentations, and press conferences.
3. Whispering
”Whispering” describes the situation where the interpreter sits behind or beside the person who requires an interpreter and interprets for him or her in a low voice. This method is very convenient when, for example, a lone foreign national attends a seminar or internal meeting in which all the other participants are Japanese.
Dispatch of technicians
Honyaku Corporation. Interpreting & Human Resources Dept. meets construction needs
Honyaku Corporation. Interpreting & Human Resources Dept. has been engaged in the construction and temporary worker fields since its inception in 1983. We place top priority on realizing the results and reliability that attract the best people, so that we are equipped to provide timely and expert service to our clients.
We take pride in our customer satisfaction rating which has led to our clients becoming our best advertisements and made Mankind Associates the respected and successful company it is today.
  • Design technology (design, execution design, design management, etc.)
  • Civil engineering technology (roads, tunnels, bridges, etc.)
  • Construction technology (construction, construction planning, construction management, drafting of construction drawings, etc.)
  • Building equipment technology (electrical, heating and air conditioning, water supply and drainage, plant development management, etc.)
Please contact us for a consultation
After discussing the details of the task(s), we will select and dispatch the appropriate personnel.
The process is simple and straightforward. We will prepare all necessary documentation.
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